What is your background?

I was born in Ballina but my family moved back to Stockton, Newcastle, where they were originally from, when I was five. I spent the next 11 years in Stockton, attending Stockton Primary School with my younger sister (where my mother and grandmother went to school) and later Newcastle High. The family returned to Ballina when I was in Year 11. I was very fortunate growing up, with a loving family and lots of friends nearby. We lived by the beach and went surfing or exploring most days after school. I now live just out of Ballina with my partner and two young children.

What do you remember best about primary school?

I loved primary school! It was a large school with great history and school spirit. I remember looking forward to the swimming and athletic carnivals and going on adventures with my sister and friends riding to and from school.

Where else have you worked and how has it shaped your outlook?

After school I worked in hospitality for several years where I learned a lot about customer service! Later I worked in the office for a large transport company in Ballina, learning about finance and general office procedures.

Why do you enjoy working at BCPS?

I have been working at BCPS since 2006. I love the small community feel that BCPS has to offer – it really is like a family. I like the way you get to know all the children and their families personally, they’re not just numbers on the enrolment form!

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

My family.

What aspirations still lie ahead of you?

I wish to continue to raise my family on the North Coast

What occupies your time outside school hours?

Family, surfing, gardening, cooking, camping, tennis and other outdoor activities.

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