team_lyn_counsellorSchool Counsellor

What is your background?

 I was a primary school teacher, working in private schools for twenty-five years. I went back to university seven years ago to study counselling. This is my seventh year working as a counsellor. I love my new career.

What do you remember best about primary school?

 The teachers who cared about kids.

What teaching qualifications do you have?

Diploma in Teaching, Graduate Diploma in Expressive and Performing Arts,

Reading RecoveryTeacher Certification, Graduate Diploma in Counselling.

Where else have you worked and how has it shaped your general outlook and your approach today?

I have worked as a teacher for some 25 years in Sydney ,Canberra, Gold Coast,

Lismore, Casino and Ballina. I have been a counselor in a local non-govt high school, and have worked as a counselor at two other non-govt primary schools. This is my 7th year working as a school counselor.

Having this myriad of educational and well being experience, has enabled me to really get to know students and communities, it has opened my mind and enabled me to celebrate

differences, to openly accept all and to encourage people to relish in their uniqueness.

What are your main teaching and classroom philosophies?

I believe Emotional Resilience is very important for children today.

Students need to be engaged and have their minds challenged.

Students need to be accepted for who they are.

Why do you enjoy working at BCPS?

 I think this school has a very nurturing “family atmosphere”.

Teachers are Top Shelf

Organisation is exemplary

School is a ‘fun place’ of learning.

What do you enjoy teaching the most?

 I enjoy all aspects of counselling but gain great joy in seeing the children grow and mature emotionally.

What is your greatest achievement?

Giving birth to and raising two beautiful children.

What aspirations still lie ahead of you?

To be the best person I can possibly be.

Do you teach any subjects other than your regular class?

I am using my years of past experience as a primary school teacher to inform my present job as counsellor .I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to work as school counsellor at BCPS.

I love mingling with the students at break times, this allows me to get to know students in a more informal way. I relish in seeing them connect with their peers.

What occupies your time outside school hours?

I love to sing, attend the theatre. I am a scout leader in the Joey’s section. I read, I walk my dogs and I am an active parent of my 12 year-old.I love to read.

If you weren’t a school counsellor how do you think you’d be spending your days?

If I was not a school counsellor I would be volunteering and travelling around our fantastic continent and overseas. I would also join a local theatre company.