team_not_sureClassroom Assistant/Admin

1. What is your background?

I grew up in the Sutherland Shire of Sydney and relocated to Byron Shire in 2012 with my husband Adam. My working background, from when I left school at 16 until I moved to this area, was always within the corporate environment in administrative and executive personal assistant roles.

2. What do you remember best about primary school?

I honestly loved everything about primary school – except maths! I particularly enjoyed the social side of school and was generally involved in sporting teams, dance and drama. Saying that, I also had a couple of great teachers who really encouraged my love of reading and writing, both of which has continued to this day.

3. What teaching qualifications do you have?

I have a Certificate III in Education Support.

4. What are your main teaching and classroom philosophies?

As a Classroom Assistant my aim is to always help the teacher in any way I can and to always make myself approachable, and to be encouraging and caring towards the students. I want everyone to feel happy and safe coming to school.

6. Why do you enjoy working at BCPS?

I enjoy working at BCPS because that’s exactly what it is – a community. I love that I know all the students from the Dolphins to the Whales and I know their parents and sometimes even their grandparents. I love that the students are encouraged to be themselves and express themselves, to ask questions and find the answers in ways that aren’t just from a text book.

7. What is your greatest achievement?

I’ve done a few things in my life that I’m really proud of, however I’m really hoping my greatest achievement hasn’t happened yet! There’s still so much to do!

9. What aspirations still lie ahead of you?

I really want to continue to learn and grow in my role at BCPS, be it hands on experience or taking up further study. On a personal note, I would really love to renovate my house one day or live in a villa in Tuscany – whatever comes first!

10. What occupies your time outside school hours?

When I’m not at school, you’ll usually find me walking or running around Bangalow with my husband Adam and dog Digby. Otherwise I’ll be at the beach or under a tree with a good book and a cup of tea!

11. If you weren’t a primary teacher, how do you think you’d be spending your days?

If I wasn’t working at BCPS, I’d definitely be doing some sort of work with animals, particularly dogs – and trying not to bring them all home with me!

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